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12th october
sri petaling

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Kah Ming Ching Xiong Eong Xien Heng Jun Yi Sheng Yew Wei
Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Fuck this shit. Been so long since i update this small space of mine.

Is the second month of 2012 already, and we are still breathing. End of day is just a myth. Life goes on for us all.

Went to Phuket over the weekends. Another nice trip (at least for me, that is)

Don't know why, every time coming back from oversea trips, many thoughts and feelings will come to me. For instance this time, i somehow sympathize the transexual after watching a local cabaret show there. Despite how people looked at them, they still put on a great show every night. That sympathize deepen after hearing experiences shared by our tourist guide there who so happened to be a transexual too. I nearly dropped tears when watching the show that time.

Not to forget, Happy Chinese New Year to all the people that i know and knows me. May the new year bless us all with abundance health, wealth and luck.

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Fuck myself for my reluctance, it has been more than a month since i wrote here.

Been to Singapore, broke yet another racket of mine...... quite a number of things revolve around me for this one month period of time.

Today marks the first month anniversary of us being together as a couple. Hopefully, there will be a lot more months like this waiting for us ahead.

I might not be a perfect lover, but i will try my best to be a good lover.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Slowly but surely, i am starting to believe in the saying of my brothers which goes by, 'if a girl isn't interested with you, she won't give a fuck or even to go out with you'

I must admit, i been a dumb ass for so many time in the past. However, if they never been that cold and mean to me, i will never know how shit really tasted. So, i must somehow give credits to you bitches for not giving me a single shit before this.

Good or bad, bitter or sweet, everyone must move on...... therefore, i am now showcasing 'MOVING ON Stage 26.5'

Let's wait and see how long it will take before it starts.

Monday, October 24, 2011
Damn. I must admit that i am really not writing as much as i used to.

Lately, there's been a series of unfortunate event which took place around the world, firstly, massive flood at Bangkok, Thailand which caused a few hundred of casualties, secondly, the horrible IndyCar race accident that caused Dan Wheldon's life at Las Vegas a week ago, followed by something which happened here in Malaysia, the death of Marco Simoncelli at Sepang race-track during the MotoGP race over the weekends.

If that is not enough, even my car battery died on me this morning. No joke.

If something is meant to happend, it will come eventually.

No one can run away from their destiny.

Is she the one? Or isn't she?

Thursday, October 6, 2011
Too bad, really too bad this time.

Times and times again, just when i thought we could finally meet up this time, shit happens again. Screw the coincidence......

How i wish you will be able to make it for the show since you liked them so much. What an unfortunate luck.

Let's together hope it will be a great show even though you're not there.

On a side note, happy birthday to my beloved mother. Is her 55th time welcoming it this year.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
This can't be real...... This can't be happening......

Just as i thought things will start to get better in my office after waves and waves of resigning, another one bites the dust. However, this time is abit different. Because the one who is resigning this time is the one female colleague of mine whom i know for the longest period of time (from my first day of work back at April 2009 till now)

She used to sit opposed to me before she transfer to another department more than a year ago. I don't really talk to her during our days together under the same department, but things quickly changed once she switch department, the main reason of the change is we get to know each other better as day goes by. And also, because our superiors are seated quite close to our seats, that is why i keep silent for most of the time during office hours back then.

No one see that coming when she made the announcement over dinner after our weekly badminton session yesterday. I nearly lost my appetite after hearing the news that time, but who i am to say anything, right? Is her own decision and choice, no one can stop another from leaving when it is time to bid adieu.

Good byes are always sad and cold. Among those who should really pack and leave the firm, why her?

I know all good things come to an end, but i never thought it would be this soon.

Yet again, another good workmate of mine off from my list. Really unexpected......

(just having fun days before she drop the ultimate bomb on us)

Hereby, i sincerely wish her the best of luck in all her future under-takings especially on her family planning.


You will definitely be missed by every one of us here, 老师...... take care......

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Another year, another September, another company trip, another enjoyment. However, i still prefer last year's trip over this.

This year, we went to Berjaya Tioman Resort. Not that Tioman island is bad, but Club-Med is too nice and we really had a superb time there.

1 thing that i must admit that i enjoy this time is snorkeling. I never thought the view that one can get once they put their head down that bloody good. It really opened my eyes to the beautiful world of water-life.

(our serious side)

(our 'less' serious side)

A trip wouldn't be considered as complete if there isn't an air-time shot.

(anti gravity)

Congratulations on tying the knot, my friend. May you have a wonderful and happy life ahead.

Come October! Come come!!!